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Situated on the shores of Lake Superior, Duluth, Minnesota, is a city characterized by its breathtaking landscapes, maritime history, and vibrant cultural scene. Known for the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge and the Great Lakes Aquarium, Duluth attracts residents and tourists alike with its unique charm.

In this northern city, propane plays a significant role in meeting the energy needs of both residents and businesses. With cold winters being a hallmark of the region, many Duluth households rely on propane for heating, powering furnaces, water heaters, and stoves. Additionally, the industrial sector utilizes propane for various applications, including forklifts and machinery.

Given Duluth’s proximity to expansive natural areas, propane is also commonly used in recreational settings, such as camping and outdoor activities. As a versatile and efficient energy source, propane contributes to the resilience and sustainability of Duluth, providing warmth, comfort, and practical solutions to its diverse community.

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