Propane Safety


Protecting Our Customers is Our Number One Priority.

In the event of a propane leak, or unforeseen circumstances, we want to ensure that your family remains safe.

These helpful guides from our friends at the Propane Education and Resource Council will help you know what to do if issues arise.

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If You Suspect a Leak

When propane gas leaks, it is engineered to have a rotten egg smell. If you think that your tank may be leaking, please watch this video or follow the steps below.

Extinguish Open Flames.

Never turn on or off any lights.

Do not use any appliances, television or telephone in order not to produce any electrical sparks or static.

Leave the Premises.

Ensure the entire family and any pets are a safe distance from the house.


Call us at 866-918-3454 and then contact your fire department.

Turn Off Gas Supply Valve on Tank.

Only do this if you can access it safely.
In order to close the valve, turn it clockwise all the way to the right.

Stay in a Safe Location.

Stay in a safe location (a friend or neighbor’s house) until Scully Propane determines it is safe to return and that your system is leak-free. 


Getting Your Propane Tank Inspected

You should regularly have your tank inspected to ensure that it is always functioning as it should. Here is what you should expect from a system inspection.

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How to Read Your Tank Gauge

Knowing how much propane is in your tank can be helpful in staying ahead of the curve when you’re running low. 


How to Turn Your Propane Tank Off

In the event that you need to turn your propane tank off, whether it be because of a suspected leak or due to lack of use, this short video explains how to properly shut off your tank valve.

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