Residential Propane Safety

When it comes to safety, ThompsonGas believes education is the best form of prevention.

Residential SafetyAlthough the risk of a propane leak is extremely low, here you will find some helpful safety tips to ensure your family and home is protected.

  1. Although propane in it’s natural state is nearly odorless, a scent is incorporated in order for customers to identify a propane leak.  This odor has been described as being very similar to rotten eggs. During your initial propane delivery, our driver provided you with a welcome kit, including a “scratch & sniff” card featuring this specific scent.  If you require an additional card or welcome kit, please contact us.
  2. In the event that you suspect a leak, immediately extinguish all flames and smoking materials. Turn off all appliances, telephones, cell phones and lights as any spark can result in an explosion or fire.
  3. Immediately evacuate the home.
  4. Turn the main gas supply off on your propane tank by turning it clockwise.
  5. From a safe distance or neighboring home, call 911, your local fire department, then ThompsonGas to report the leak. Do not return to your home until the responding authorities or a qualified ThompsonGas representative determines that it is safe to do so. We will have a professional technician perform a thorough system check to ensure the suspected leak has been addressed.

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