Why Propane?

What Is Propane?

“Propane — sometimes known as liquefied petroleum gas, or LPG — is a gas normally compressed and stored as a liquid. It is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless; an identifying odor is added so it can be detected. Propane is commonly used for space and water heating, for cooking, and as fuel for engine applications such as forklifts, farm irrigation engines, fleet vehicles, and buses; however, its applications are rapidly growing due to new technology developments. When used as vehicle fuel, propane is known as propane autogas.”


– Propane Education and Resource Council

For The Home

Propane is the perfect fuel for your home that finds the perfect balance between cost-effectiveness and reliability. It can be used to power appliances, heat your home or your pool, and even for backup generators in the event the lights go out.

For The Business

Your business runs best when you’re able to keep costs down while keeping efficiency high. Propane can be used for your cook line, to power forklifts, to keep your builders warm while on the job, and more. Never has there been a more well rounded fuel.

Propane Safety Center

Protecting our customers and their families is our number one priority. Learn more about how to read a tank gauge, what to do in the event of an emergency, and more.

The Green Gas Initiative

Our world is changing, and the importance of using clean fuels, and reducing your carbon footprint every day is more critical than ever. The Green Gas Initiative is focused on educating communities on the various ways they can live a greener future.

New to Propane? Here’s How It Works:

Sign Up For Service
First, you will sign up for service and provide us with the important details we need to know before installation such as the appliances you plan to utilize propane for, and the tank size you require.
Have a Tank Installed

Then, one of our amazing technicians will schedule a time to install one of our tanks on your property.


If you already own a tank, you can begin service right away.

And You’re All Set!
Once a tank is installed and filled, you will be able to view your tank levels, and request deliveries as needed. Through our online portal you can keep track of your account, and even request deliveries and repairs online.

Looking to begin service?