You probably haven’t considered the many uses that propane and gasoline share, whether it be for backup generators, automotive fuel, etc. Propane outshines Gasoline due to its ability to operate efficiently while contributing far less carbon dioxide to the atmosphere upon use.

As the world pushes toward a cleaner future, considering alternative fuels for your home and business is an easy but effective way to do your part to ensure that our world stays beautiful.

This week’s Think Tank will go over some of the intersections that propane and gasoline share: comparing the two fuels, and how the differ or excel in different categories. The easiest way to stay up to date on our Think Tank blog is to follow our Facebook page for weekly updates.

The Perfect American Fuel for The Open Road.

Propane has the benefit of being produced and distributed domestically, which has been a big part of a general decline in Gasoline use within the last few years. Gasoline when not produced domestically, is often imported from countries around the world. The cost of Gasoline is also typically higher than Propane, and although Gasoline has a better average fuel economy, Propane’s lower cost per gallon allows for cheaper operating costs overall.

According to the Argonne National Laboratory’s Greet Model, propane use helps cut down greenhouse gas emissions by thirteen percent and helps decrease overall use of gasoline by ninety-nine percent.

Customers interested in automotive propane (more commonly known as AutoGas) can actually buy OEM propane-powered vehicles or decide to convert their pre-existing fleet using aftermarket conversion kits. From light to heavy duty vehicles, these kits are widely available and reliably built, so even if you prefer not to spend the extra upfront cost for a new propane vehicle, you can still begin to see cost savings instantly upon use.

Propane vehicles either have dedicated engines that run solely on propane or operate using a hybrid system which can run on propane or gasoline, also known as bi-fuel. Dedicated engines benefit from better optimization to the higher-octane rating of propane, which can extend range and improve overall performance.

As we discussed in last week’s blog, propane operates exceptionally in colder temperatures, so when the winter weather hits, you won’t have to worry about whether your fleet will be able to get the job done. This also means you won’t have to endure the cold start issues that diesel fleets often experience.


Giving Back To The Environment, Even When It Knocks Out The Power.

When stormy weather comes your way, you’ll often lean on backup generators to keep the lights on in the event that you lose power. When gasoline generators are used, they often continuously release greenhouse gasses into the air until shut off, while propane generators benefit from the clean-burning nature of LP Gas. Gasoline also degrades over time, while propane still maintains its energy even when stored.

Gasoline does have the benefit of outputting a better BTU (british thermal unit) than propane, but the cost effectiveness and moral responsibility to the environment make propane the easier choice for powering your generator. Generators using propane and gasoline are widely available and can be found in mobile and permanent forms. If you live in an area often effected by harsh weather, or you just want to ensure that your family always remains comfortable, consider a generator for your home or business.


Ultimately, the decision to use propane or gasoline is yours, but we implore you to consider the appealing benefits of propane over gasoline. Whether it be the overall cost effectiveness of propane, or the significant environmental benefits by using it, propane is the moral, and economic choice that’s hard to beat.

If you’re interested in switching to propane for your fleet or home generators, feel free to contact a ThompsonGas representative today to help walk you through the process. You can reach us by calling our number at 855-965-5577, or by sending us a message through our Message Center.

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